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Santana - Supernatural-Audio CD (Compact Disc)
Santana  - SupernaturalSantana  - Supernatural
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Santana - Supernatural
$18.97, 8910467az
When you hear a song like "Smooth" on the radio, you can't help but want to hear more songs like it. Santana has released "Supernatural" for your listening pleasure. With 13 tracks, as well as a 14-page booklet, "Supernatural" is sure to become one of your new favorites. Add this CD to your collection today!

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Song Titles
Disc 1
1. Da Le Yaleo - Performed by: Santana - Written by: C. Santana and S. Mutela
2. Love Of My Life - Performed by: Santana and Dave Matthews - Written by: C. Santana and D. Matthews
3. Put Your Lights On - Performed by: Santana and Everlast - Written by: E. Schrody
4. Africa Bamba - Performed by: Santana - Written by: I. Toure and C. Santana
5. Smooth - Performed by: Santana and Rob Thomas - Written by: Itaal Shur and Rob Thomas
6. Do You Like The Way - Performed by: Santana and Lauryn Hill - Written by: L.Hill
7. Maria Maria - Performed by: Santana and The Product G & B - Written by: W.Jean and C. Santana
8. Migra - Performed by: Santana - Written by: R. Taha and C. Santana
9. Corazon Espinado - Performed by: Santana and Mana - Written by: F. Olvera
10. Wishing It Was - Performed by: Santana and Eagle-Eye Cherry - Written by: Eagle-Eye Cherry and M. Simpson
11. El Farol - Performed by: Santana - Written by: C. Santana and KC Porter
12. Primavera - Performed by: Santana - Written by: KC Porter
13. The Calling - Performed by: Santana and Eric Clapton - Written by: C. Santana and C. Thompson

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